Friday, December 18, 2009

San Diego Art Institute Regional Exhibition

If you get a chance between December 18 and January 16, 2010 visit San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park for their regional show. One of my encaustic pieces was accepted and will be in the show. It is called Veiled Light, a white on white piece utilizing handmade paper that I purchased in Italy last year. This piece is one in a series.

I taught an encaustic workshop at San Diego Art Academy last Friday. The students were so enthusiastic, asked lots of questions and left at the end of the day with many great encaustic pieces of art.

My next beginning encaustic workshop at the San Diego Art Department will be January 22, 2010 from 11-3pm.

And of course I continue to teach privately in my studio at home in Mission Hills. Those are on-going classes. Just call me to schedule a time. See for a list of the classes offered.

We took time out from several errands and buying our Christmas tree on Tuesday( when many of the museums were free!) to visit the Mengei Museum in Balboa Park where there were three wonderful exhibitions: Sea Creatures of Arlene Fisch, unbelievably beautiful crochet structures using metal wire. Her work took my breath away and Enamel Vessels by June Schwarcz— artwork that gave me much inspiration. June is 91 years old and still working. There was a very interesting exhibit about artisans in India also.

Panama Canal Cruise

We returned from our cruise a few days before Thanksgiving. We were given the job of preparing the turkey and taking it to my mom’s house where the rest of my family gathered. And here it is the week before Christmas. Where did the time go? I will show you just a sampling of some photos of our trip. I loved being on the top deck of the ship looking at the water and feeling the wind in my face. I appreciated the fabulous service of the cruise ship staff, their kindness and friendly attitudes. There were over 50 different cultures represented and over 140 chefs! Of all the countries we visited Costa Rica was my favorite. We had visited there before and always said that we wanted to return someday. The rain and cloud forests were spectacular as we hiked down and then back up to see La Paz waterfalls. I took photographs, sketched what I saw and wrote daily notes in my iTouch, later to be transcribed into the journal I made for this trip. It is good to be home even though our projects, art and otherwise keep us way too busy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip to Panama Canal

Hi, this will be my last post for awhile as Al and I are leaving this Saturday, first stop in Naples, Florida and then on a cruise to the Panama Canal via Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hualtuco Mexico, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas and arrive back at the port of San Diego just in time for Thanksgiving. We will leave the sudden chilly weather of San Diego for 85 degree weather with 80 degrees humidity. Oh my goodness will have to wear my summer clothes again. Be well. Hasta Luego.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Art Show/ Art Classes

The current show at the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park is very good, featuring two friends of mine who are outstanding artists, Judy Parenio and Betty Hock. I had an encaustic piece accepted too. The title was "Alegre" and I just heard today that it sold this past weekend. That makes me happy for sure. Selling our work is not the main reason artists make art, but it sure is a motivator! Another larger piece sold from my studio last week. I just mailed off a submission to a juried encaustic show—a process that took weeks, re-photographing the art, resizing images according to specifications, re-writing my artist statement and resume. I was happy to finally get it to the post office.
I may be teaching an Advanced Encaustic workshop at my studio December 5th, 2009 from
10-3 pm. If you are interested please let me know as the class size will be limited.

Friday, October 16, 2009


October 9, 2009

I meet with a wonderful group of creative women once a month who have been challenged with the question, “What is my goal in being with other artists?” In order for me to answer that question I need to ask myself “Why do I make art?”

Making art and even calling myself an artist is relatively new for me. I spent close to 20 years working in healthcare. The people I hung out with were nurses, chaplains and social workers and our goals had to do with patient care. Anything that had to do with creativity—art, writing, music was extra and often looked at as a hobby. It was during this time in my life however that I saw how important art was to me and to patients.

I wrote a book of poetry honoring the many patients, families and staff that I met along the way. I wrote it to honor them yes, but to help me as well. The writing of these poems helped me make sense of what I saw everyday. Art (visual art, music, dance) as healing within a hospital or hospice was beginning to take shape and now is an expected facet of good health care. Waiting Rooms of the Heart can be ordered on line through or

Being creative—making something— be it a knitted scarf, mosaic step stone for our front yard, writing a poem, producing a piece of art that might find a home in a gallery has been a satisfying part of my life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

International Encaustic Artist Retreat, Carmel, CA

International Encaustic Artist retreat in Carmel, CA this past weekend was a great experience filled with informative lectures, interesting encaustic demonstrations, delicious food and wonderful conversation with artist from all over the United States and Canada. The speakers were inspiring and thought-provoking. It was interesting to hear that as encaustic artists we test the boundaries of this ancient medium through exploration and experimentation—part of the artistic process that I love.

What is it about the medium of encaustic wax that is appealing to you? If not encaustic, what is your medium and why do you love it? Art takes many forms. What is yours?

Al and I attended a lecture last night at the SD Natural History Museum, part of a series on the Slow Food Movement. I had been interested in knowing more about this since visiting Italy last year. Here is the website for more information about the series:

Do you grow your own veggies? Try to grow something easy like lettuce and see how wonderful it is to eat a salad that you grew yourself! How does your garden grow?

Craft in America

Just saw Julie Chen, book artist from Berkeley on the KPBS program Craft in America. Yea!!! She taught a workshop in San Diego and stayed with us. An unbelievably inspiring artist and a delight to know!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cortona, Italy Workshop June 19-26, 2010

The Open Book and the Moving Pen
Join us for a week long workshop during which my husband, Al and I will take you on an inspirational journey for your creative spirit. You will be surrounded by the beauty of Cortona, Italy, where you will spend the mornings learning how to make a variety of journals and the afternoons writing poetry based on five poetic forms. Midweek we will take a train trip to Fabriano, the paper-making center of Italy and tour the Fabriano paper-making facility. By the end of the week you will have made several elegant book structures with beautiful covers. You will make a limited-edition book containing your and your classmates' poems and have a poetry reading at our sumptuous fare-well dinner on Friday night. I took an art class in Cortona in October, 2008. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. What a lovely combination of art, delicious food and wine, music and delightful people and surroundings. Tuscany awaits you! There may be a $150 discount coming your way. I will get back to you about that.
For details see: or email

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog! I plan to share ideas and thoughts about artistic process, research and experimentation regarding the exciting medium of encaustic. You'll find images of my art work and information about art classes, as well as an exciting trip to Cortona, Italy in June 2010. The artistic process beginning with an idea, doing the research and experimentation is what is most exciting to me as an artist. It is the doing of the artwork that brings the most satisfaction. Inspire comes from the word "to breathe in." Joy is what is breathed into me when I am working on my art.

Teaching Encaustic and Mixed media collage workshops gives me the opportunity to see the budding creativity in others.

I will be attending the International Encaustic Association Retreat in Carmel, CA next week and plan to return with new ideas and images to share.

I read a quote recently that I like, "All I need to do is show up on the doorstep of each day. Serendipity shall orchestrate the rest. Perhaps I will miss a bus or two along the way. Fortunately, the future is not a bus, and there is no call now to shove skyscrapers aside with my shoulders in an unquiet quest to climb aboard a different life. No call to jingle the moments in my pocket impatiently, like spare change. There is time to wait without wishing." Pavi Mehta