Wednesday, October 7, 2009

International Encaustic Artist Retreat, Carmel, CA

International Encaustic Artist retreat in Carmel, CA this past weekend was a great experience filled with informative lectures, interesting encaustic demonstrations, delicious food and wonderful conversation with artist from all over the United States and Canada. The speakers were inspiring and thought-provoking. It was interesting to hear that as encaustic artists we test the boundaries of this ancient medium through exploration and experimentation—part of the artistic process that I love.

What is it about the medium of encaustic wax that is appealing to you? If not encaustic, what is your medium and why do you love it? Art takes many forms. What is yours?

Al and I attended a lecture last night at the SD Natural History Museum, part of a series on the Slow Food Movement. I had been interested in knowing more about this since visiting Italy last year. Here is the website for more information about the series:

Do you grow your own veggies? Try to grow something easy like lettuce and see how wonderful it is to eat a salad that you grew yourself! How does your garden grow?


  1. The retreat in Carmel sounds wonderful, Josie, and a great way to continue to grow as an artist -- with or without a vegetable garden.

  2. Thank you my friend for your comment and support. x Josie