Friday, December 18, 2009

Panama Canal Cruise

We returned from our cruise a few days before Thanksgiving. We were given the job of preparing the turkey and taking it to my mom’s house where the rest of my family gathered. And here it is the week before Christmas. Where did the time go? I will show you just a sampling of some photos of our trip. I loved being on the top deck of the ship looking at the water and feeling the wind in my face. I appreciated the fabulous service of the cruise ship staff, their kindness and friendly attitudes. There were over 50 different cultures represented and over 140 chefs! Of all the countries we visited Costa Rica was my favorite. We had visited there before and always said that we wanted to return someday. The rain and cloud forests were spectacular as we hiked down and then back up to see La Paz waterfalls. I took photographs, sketched what I saw and wrote daily notes in my iTouch, later to be transcribed into the journal I made for this trip. It is good to be home even though our projects, art and otherwise keep us way too busy.

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