Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alley Art Wall Union Tribune Article


Artist’s spring cleaning yields giveaway gallery

TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010 AT 12:02 A.M.

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On a wooden fence along a one-block alley in Mission Hills hang paintings one would expect to see in someone’s living room. A sign beside them invites: “Free artwork. OK to take it if you like it.”

Behind the green fence on Goldfinch Place is a home and art studio. Inside, Josie Rodriguez often can be found sketching, creating abstract acrylic paintings or collages and preparing art for shows. Her artwork is on exhibit at the Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad, The Gathering restaurant in Mission Hills and the Lyceum Theatre, and she teaches encaustic art at a San Diego Art Institute studio.

Like many artists, she suffers from an overload of ideas and a lack of space. Spring cleaning for Rodriguez means making room for new art creations. So a few months ago, she put some older paintings outside by her trash collection area. A few hours later they were gone. She put more art out, and again it disappeared.

Selling her artwork through galleries and exhibitions and doing commissioned work is great, Rodriguez said, but she was jazzed that a gentleman told her husband one day that he loved a painting he picked up so much that he gave it as a gift. After that, Rodriguez officially gave birth to her Alley Art Wall.

A recycler at heart, she decided that whenever she had extra art she would hang it on the fence for passers-by to take.

I drove by on a Wednesday when four small paintings decorated her giveaway gallery. On Thursday two remained.

“I won’t have art there all the time,” said Rodriguez, noting that her art wall will come and go as space dictates.

Clearly, she has perfected a second art — the art of giving.

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  1. What a revolutionary and inspiring concept Josie!