Saturday, May 29, 2010

San Diego Book Arts Juried Exhibition at UCSD Today

The reception for SD Book ARts National Juried Exhibition today was well attended and great fun. I especially enjoyed talking with a young UCSD student who made a point of telling me that she really enjoyed my book, "Prescription for Poetry." Her enthusiasm for seeing all of the selected books was contagious. Speaking with the juror was a treat as I was able to discuss my vision and
process of creating this artist book. I have always believed that writing is universal in its ability to heal the spirit. I placed my original poems in prescription bottles with the prescription that said, "read or write a poem each day or as needed for health and healing." I was touched by the kind comments I received.


  1. Well, you certainly should have received kind comments! What a wonderful idea to put your poems in prescription bottles!

    I have recently gotten serious about encaustic and am having a ball, although it is a little warm in Tucson right now for hot wax.

    You can see some of my first attempts on my blog. I have already sold several pieces.

    I'll be back, Josie!

  2. What a wonderful idea! How does one go about getting a prescription from you?