Monday, December 5, 2011


I am so excited to show you my new studio dedicated to teaching and making encaustic art work. I even have a stain glass window that is quite old. You can see the wax melting and wouldn't you know but the bees found me in this place. I caught them and let them go.
I am figuring out what works and what doesn't. The stainless steel counters don't work quite like I expected but all ok. The mess on the floor is everything that will go into a dresser type cabinet that has 8 drawers that I saw at Ikea. Today I worked on some unfinished projects and look forward to making as much art as I can before the events of Christmas coming soon. Gabe, Al, Ben, Mark and Tungie did such an awesome job and I appreciate their expertise and hard work. The light during the day is wonderful and the lights for night time work are perfect.
I may have to put in a roof type fan that draws air out. We talked about doing that but thought that the 6 windows would generate enough air. I am not sure.

I look forward to having the area in front of the studio finished sometime soon. It probably won't be done before Christmas. I want to have either pavers or decking raised so that there is a small step up into the studio. I have an idea of having benches around the edges of this area. It felt great to clean up the BBQ area and to use the storage cabinets for what it was meant to be.
Once all of the saws and ladders etc. are removed from the back yard it will look much better.
I look forward to having a class in this studio soon.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I am still stunned and amazed by the response at last night's reception for me at the airport. It was so much fun to greet my family and friends and to show them what I have been up to for the past year. I am appreciative to my husband and Ben who helped tremendously with the food and beverages, to the AIRPORT ART PROGRAM for all of their support. The comments made were wonderful and I was especially touched by someone who hadn't been aware of the demise of bees in our world ( Colony Collapse Disorder) and wanted to know more and do more about the problem. This meant a lot to me.

I was also happy to hear a long time friend say to me, "wow has your work ever grown in the last 10 years." Growing as an artist and inspiring others to do the same?...can't get any better than that. Thank you to all who attended and remember if you want to see the exhibit sometime I give "field trips" to the airport from time to time!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Website

My friend Susan Robert's did a beautiful job updating my website. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Such fun times taking friends and family to the parking area at the airport, catching the Red Bus to terminal 2 east to view my art show.

Reception will be November 3, 2011 from 4:30-6 pm.

My friend Sue Diaz made a wonderful video of my installation and here it is. type in: Luminous Layers or Josie Rodriguez

Luminous Layers an encaustic show by San Diego artist Josie Rodriguez is now being exhibited at the San Diego International Airport, Terminal Two East from September 2011 to March 2012. Josie is inspired by the visceral, messy and spontaneous character of encaustic art. She creates paintings, sculptures and artist books that speak to her relationship to nature and to the colonies of bees that she considers collaborators in her process. Through this body of work planned and created this past year, Josie explores themes of connection, loss, growth, strength, resilience and metamorphosis as they relate to the natural world.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shuttle Stop at the airport

I just think this photo is a great shot of us waiting for the shuttle to pick us up. What fun to go to the airport without luggage!


Installation on September 14th went very well. Curators Susanna and Constance were wonderfully creative as they moved my art from one Plexiglas case to another thinking of the best way to showcase my art. My husband Al took photos from the time we entered the airport until 7 hours later when we packed up the car and headed home to collapse. I am happy and look forward now to sharing this experience with others. I already had a "field trip" with 7 members of my family as we drove to the airport, parked our car in a lot off site, took a shuttle to terminal 2 east and walked to the area where my work is displayed. Such fun to hear my husband, our sons and their significant others say how proud they were of me. I see many other times of "field trips to the airport," in my future–a sort of "meet the artist at the airport," moment.

Luminous Layers an encaustic show by San Diego artist Josie Rodriguez is now being exhibited at the San Diego International Airport, Terminal Two East from September 2011 to March 2012. Reception planned for a future date.
Josie is inspired by the visceral, messy and spontaneous character of encaustic art. She creates paintings, sculptures and artist books that speak to her relationship to nature and to the colonies of bees that she considers collaborators in her process. Through this body of work, planned and created this past year, Josie explores themes of connection, loss, growth, strength, resilience and metamorphosis as they relate to the natural world. Because of the construction at the airport please see their website for updated information regarding parking.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This entire year of planning for this moment has been an incredible experience. In moments of transition... now for the birthing part.....will be happy when all is completed. The show will be up til middle of March 2012. SD Airport, Terminal 2 east.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As promised I said that I would keep you updated on my progress. Down to the wire...less than two weeks till installation. Last two days worked on information labels for case displays, backdrop images and rack card approved. (I llove what the designers did.) Will send PDF file to printer tomorrow. Art work completed, boxed and ready to go. This is like preparing to give birth. Several of you have had shows like this before but this is my first solo show and first installation. Has been a wonderful and valuable experience. The traveling public will be well educated about the art of encaustic and that is exciting.

Ben came home from Maui to visit and left this morning for Toronto. He will be celebrating his 35th birthday there. Very exciting times for him.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Notes

This year long airport art project has woken in me a new way to look at the how and why I do my art–not the technical aspects of molten wax, heat source on wood or paper, but rather the creation of ideas and how and why they go together. Observing how design teams orchestrate in a large space such as an airport is nothing short of brilliant and has inspired me and given new meaning and vision to my art. I am eager to see what they will do with all the creations I have made this past year.
Of course I will be involved with the installation but I also need to trust the design team and curators process of creativity as well. An interesting ride this has been.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I toured art exhibitions this morning at the San Diego International Airport with one of the curators of the art program. It was very good to see how other exhibitions were displayed. The art and overall displays and designs were exceptional and worth a visit to the airport just to view the artwork.
One month to go! I have done my work over a period of a year and now the work of the design team and curators will begin with more intensity and focus. More photos will be taken next week here at my studio and I need to trust that all will be pulled together for a meaningful exhibition–where the public walking by my installation will "get" what I am trying to say in a matter of seconds.
Preparing for this type of exhibition is quite different from a gallery or museum where the public spends much more time with the art. At the airport folks are more interested in getting through security and to their flight on time. So the display of my work has to have a wow factor that makes people stop and take a look, if even for a few seconds. I am eager to see how it will all come together.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am going to try this one more time as my last post somehow floated away in cyberspace. Our road trip has been great as we traveled the central coast of California, went east and now in Bishop CA. where we are going to meet our son Gabe and his girlfriend Cristy. The plan is to fish at Lake Sabrina. Later today we plan to open one of the bottles of wine we got at just one of the many wineries we visited along the way and share that with Gabe and Cristy while mesmerized by the sierra mountains covered with snow!

Road trips are good on many levels I think because I take the time to look, to take in, to observe without the need to do anything. I may write something down or sketch but I like the quiet and peacefulness of being ok with just being. No judgement, expectation or busywork. At home I do 5 things at once and still feel like I haven't done enough. I was asked recently Where have you been? Santa Barbara, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Sonoma, Healdsburg, Placerville, and now Bishop near Mammoth on our way home.

We have visited with family, met new and very interesting people, experienced art studios of artists we know, visited galleries, wineries, drank delicious wines with food prepared with locally grown fresh vegetables and fruit. Fishing is Al's expertise but I am going to give it a try tomorrow. Maybe I will tell you about the big one that got away.

Safe travels everyone. xxx

Monday, July 18, 2011


Airport art project in sort of a lull right now as summer vacations are taken, but I know that there will be a flurry of activity within the next 2 months. I have worked on new pieces of art including some assemblage and sculptures. Today I went through my studio notes and project binder. I threw away unneeded papers, sorted, combined and otherwise organized my thoughts through the organization of my binder. Sometimes my mind goes in 10 different directions. To have this very alone and quiet time today has helped me tremendously. (funny how there were several different times today when the doorbell rang and the phone rang 3 times. I didn't answer either the phone or the door.) I need this focused time and may take most of this week to try to pull everything together. I also need to research places for easels and small LED lights.
I have a ton of information concerning everything about the current state of bees and the history of encaustic. I have a lot of reading to do. I am also looking at the possibility of other venues after this show is over in March 2012. It is a thrill for me to hear the excitement of other people over this upcoming show as friends want to know how I am going to celebrate this moment! Party, reception?? Will keep you posted.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Recent classes at the San Diego Art Institute Art Department on Ray St. and in my Mission Hills studio were exceptionally wonderful. Eleven students between two days. These are some of the comments I would like to share:
"We were delirious in joy going through the materials for inspiration that you provided..."
"the noise from the others felt like a buzz of collectiveness..." "Thank you for explaining things so well and for your encouragement..." "I am hooked on encaustic.." "thank you for your artist energy." "I am truly inspired."

Upcoming Exhibition/Installation SD Airport

I have been asked from time to time how my project for the airport is going. Have you finished? and how many pieces have you made? And how are you doing?
So far this is what I have accomplished:
•Completed at least 90% of new artwork I wanted to make, 2 D, sculptural vessels and books with wax.
•Photographed many of the pieces of art.
•Built a large model of a beehive.
•Wrote often in my studio notes.
•Gathered educational materials.
•Read articles about bees.
•Sent in display plan CD to curator.
•Met with curator at my studio (4 hours)
•Determined the connecting theme.
•Met with author/ friend re the writing my artist statement. Interview process helped clarify:
What this exhibit is about, why it is important and who am I?
•Wrote and sent in artist statement and bio to curator.
•Brainstormed about title of show.
•What have I learned about myself throughout the process of this past year?
That I do have a vision and a consistent theme that I use quite often in my work even though I have spent several years having fun experimenting with encaustic. These themes have shown up subconsciously but will be more evident for this exhibit.

Maui Trip and other happenings...

Our trip to Maui was one of the most relaxing trips we have had in a long time. Spent lots of time in and around the water snorkeling, walking on the beach, reading and eating healthy food. Great time with Ben and his friend Roxane. Those memories seem so distant now that we are back. David and Brenda have been here for a week celebrating David's 40th birthday and their engagement.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Arts Exhibit in Carlsbad at Front Porch Gallery

"Art of the Book"

Through July 3
"Work includes sculptural books, stories painted on fiber and metal, books with intricate woven covers, encrusted beads and more.

Combining non-traditional art making with the crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing and bookbinding, these innovative artists demonstrate that the art of bookmaking has no limits."

Front Porch Gallery (760) 795-6120

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Airport Art Exhibition in September

I have been working steadily on my exhibition for the airport show in September. Sent in my display plan to the curators and will have a studio visit this coming Monday, April 18. There are 6 display cases and I have organized them each individually, connected by a common theme of nature to art.
I have made a few new sculptural pieces, finished an encaustic book that is really exquisite with Al's excellent help in binding the book. I would love to see some of my hanging pieces shown, especially the beehive I made and at least one of the encaustic mobiles.
I can't believe that it has been almost a year since I learned that I was selected for this airport art show. I was with my sister Beth in Virginia when I found out. Everything I saw from that point on became part of my process with wonderful discussions with my artist friends who live back east. I began working almost immediately on ideas, placing these brainstorm moments in my "studio notes," and a three ring binder. This project has been a ton of fun. My friend Sally Hagy-Boyer has her exhibition up now and it is wonderful. I feel so honored to be in such talented company.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


New series of art, Shades of Turquoise now at the Gathering Restaurant in San Diego, Mission Hills, Washington and Goldfinch Street, just in time for Mother's Day. Enjoy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Surfrider San Diego Art Gala

I donated this encaustic piece to a wonderful organization, Surfrider San Diego. Their big art gala will be held in Del Mar May 2011.

Encaustic Art Institute Exhibit "Pulp"

Here are two encaustic pieces I submitted to the show "Pulp" at the Encaustic Art Institute in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow expected in San Diego

A chilly soon-to-be chillier February day. I know we are all big time whimps out here in the west regarding weather. But it is a big deal when the thermometer goes below 50. We even have "storm watch" on the news. Thunder, lightening, lots of rain and maybe snow. I need to get to Maui soon to warm up! Health news: my mom is doing much better and we are all grateful for that. After 5 weeks I am walking without any assistant devices ( meaning cane, crutches or walker) and began driving the other day. Will continue with physical therapy on an outpatient basis and work hard at home to gain strength.
I pride myself in juggling 10 things at once and by the end of the day, happy that the projects or tasks were all completed. However, lately I am happy to complete one or two. I know that this will change as I gain more energy and as my mom needs less care. But it is interesting how priorities change. To fight it is to be a very frustrated person and I don't have time for that in my life.
My artwork at Encinitas Library and at Cannon Art Gallery in Carlsbad still displayed if you haven't seen those shows yet. Those shows will come down soon so try not to miss it.
Newer work at The Gathering Restaurant has been displayed and will be replaced soon with more new work. Some other events in the wings and will update you soon. xxxox

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had the opportunity to host Daniel Essig from Ashville, North Carolina in our home this past weekend as he ran a workshop for two days on The Exquisite Corpse Mica Book to an enthusiastic group of students. Very fun for us to hang out with another artist talking about ideas and projects, stories and plans for future projects, eating good food and drinking delicious wine.

Friday, January 28, 2011


It is a beautifully clear, warm January day. Different from last month's wind and rain. I am sitting in my bed recuperating from hip replacement surgery on the 18th. Doing well except for occasional bouts of pain. But everyday will be better and better. My 92 year old mother is also in the hospital after emergency abdominal surgery. I feel so badly for her. Her pain is off the charts. My brother and sisters are taking turns being with her at the hospital which I appreciate.
I do know that after my many past hospitalizations and surgeries that we do get stronger each day and this time of healing is also a time for personal growth. Things we thought were important no longer are as we re-prioritize our "list."
I am fortunate to have Al at home as my caregiver. He has been wonderful and a big part of my healing. I am also lucky to be able to be home and not in a rehab center. My studio is within view of where I sit and sleep and brings me comfort and inspiration. I am thankful. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, yummy soup and cupcakes.
Art and writing still continue to bring me joy and the following are some things that have happened lately:
1. Accepted into Cannon Art Gallery 2011 Biennial. Encaustic "Salt Flats II"
2. Accepted into Tubac Center for the Arts "Playing With Fire" show, Tucson AZ
Encaustic "Burnt Offerings."
3. Poem: Words, Words and More Words from my book, Waiting Rooms of the Heart will be published in the spring 2011 Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling.