Friday, January 28, 2011


It is a beautifully clear, warm January day. Different from last month's wind and rain. I am sitting in my bed recuperating from hip replacement surgery on the 18th. Doing well except for occasional bouts of pain. But everyday will be better and better. My 92 year old mother is also in the hospital after emergency abdominal surgery. I feel so badly for her. Her pain is off the charts. My brother and sisters are taking turns being with her at the hospital which I appreciate.
I do know that after my many past hospitalizations and surgeries that we do get stronger each day and this time of healing is also a time for personal growth. Things we thought were important no longer are as we re-prioritize our "list."
I am fortunate to have Al at home as my caregiver. He has been wonderful and a big part of my healing. I am also lucky to be able to be home and not in a rehab center. My studio is within view of where I sit and sleep and brings me comfort and inspiration. I am thankful. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, yummy soup and cupcakes.
Art and writing still continue to bring me joy and the following are some things that have happened lately:
1. Accepted into Cannon Art Gallery 2011 Biennial. Encaustic "Salt Flats II"
2. Accepted into Tubac Center for the Arts "Playing With Fire" show, Tucson AZ
Encaustic "Burnt Offerings."
3. Poem: Words, Words and More Words from my book, Waiting Rooms of the Heart will be published in the spring 2011 Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling.