Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow expected in San Diego

A chilly soon-to-be chillier February day. I know we are all big time whimps out here in the west regarding weather. But it is a big deal when the thermometer goes below 50. We even have "storm watch" on the news. Thunder, lightening, lots of rain and maybe snow. I need to get to Maui soon to warm up! Health news: my mom is doing much better and we are all grateful for that. After 5 weeks I am walking without any assistant devices ( meaning cane, crutches or walker) and began driving the other day. Will continue with physical therapy on an outpatient basis and work hard at home to gain strength.
I pride myself in juggling 10 things at once and by the end of the day, happy that the projects or tasks were all completed. However, lately I am happy to complete one or two. I know that this will change as I gain more energy and as my mom needs less care. But it is interesting how priorities change. To fight it is to be a very frustrated person and I don't have time for that in my life.
My artwork at Encinitas Library and at Cannon Art Gallery in Carlsbad still displayed if you haven't seen those shows yet. Those shows will come down soon so try not to miss it.
Newer work at The Gathering Restaurant has been displayed and will be replaced soon with more new work. Some other events in the wings and will update you soon. xxxox

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had the opportunity to host Daniel Essig from Ashville, North Carolina in our home this past weekend as he ran a workshop for two days on The Exquisite Corpse Mica Book to an enthusiastic group of students. Very fun for us to hang out with another artist talking about ideas and projects, stories and plans for future projects, eating good food and drinking delicious wine.