Saturday, June 4, 2011

Upcoming Exhibition/Installation SD Airport

I have been asked from time to time how my project for the airport is going. Have you finished? and how many pieces have you made? And how are you doing?
So far this is what I have accomplished:
•Completed at least 90% of new artwork I wanted to make, 2 D, sculptural vessels and books with wax.
•Photographed many of the pieces of art.
•Built a large model of a beehive.
•Wrote often in my studio notes.
•Gathered educational materials.
•Read articles about bees.
•Sent in display plan CD to curator.
•Met with curator at my studio (4 hours)
•Determined the connecting theme.
•Met with author/ friend re the writing my artist statement. Interview process helped clarify:
What this exhibit is about, why it is important and who am I?
•Wrote and sent in artist statement and bio to curator.
•Brainstormed about title of show.
•What have I learned about myself throughout the process of this past year?
That I do have a vision and a consistent theme that I use quite often in my work even though I have spent several years having fun experimenting with encaustic. These themes have shown up subconsciously but will be more evident for this exhibit.

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