Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I toured art exhibitions this morning at the San Diego International Airport with one of the curators of the art program. It was very good to see how other exhibitions were displayed. The art and overall displays and designs were exceptional and worth a visit to the airport just to view the artwork.
One month to go! I have done my work over a period of a year and now the work of the design team and curators will begin with more intensity and focus. More photos will be taken next week here at my studio and I need to trust that all will be pulled together for a meaningful exhibition–where the public walking by my installation will "get" what I am trying to say in a matter of seconds.
Preparing for this type of exhibition is quite different from a gallery or museum where the public spends much more time with the art. At the airport folks are more interested in getting through security and to their flight on time. So the display of my work has to have a wow factor that makes people stop and take a look, if even for a few seconds. I am eager to see how it will all come together.

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