Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shuttle Stop at the airport

I just think this photo is a great shot of us waiting for the shuttle to pick us up. What fun to go to the airport without luggage!


Installation on September 14th went very well. Curators Susanna and Constance were wonderfully creative as they moved my art from one Plexiglas case to another thinking of the best way to showcase my art. My husband Al took photos from the time we entered the airport until 7 hours later when we packed up the car and headed home to collapse. I am happy and look forward now to sharing this experience with others. I already had a "field trip" with 7 members of my family as we drove to the airport, parked our car in a lot off site, took a shuttle to terminal 2 east and walked to the area where my work is displayed. Such fun to hear my husband, our sons and their significant others say how proud they were of me. I see many other times of "field trips to the airport," in my future–a sort of "meet the artist at the airport," moment.

Luminous Layers an encaustic show by San Diego artist Josie Rodriguez is now being exhibited at the San Diego International Airport, Terminal Two East from September 2011 to March 2012. Reception planned for a future date.
Josie is inspired by the visceral, messy and spontaneous character of encaustic art. She creates paintings, sculptures and artist books that speak to her relationship to nature and to the colonies of bees that she considers collaborators in her process. Through this body of work, planned and created this past year, Josie explores themes of connection, loss, growth, strength, resilience and metamorphosis as they relate to the natural world. Because of the construction at the airport please see their website for updated information regarding parking.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This entire year of planning for this moment has been an incredible experience. In moments of transition... now for the birthing part.....will be happy when all is completed. The show will be up til middle of March 2012. SD Airport, Terminal 2 east.