Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is my 70th ( oh my gosh) birthday. It is hard to believe. Wasn't I just that little kid who celebrated her 5th birthday at Presidio Park with a cake that had roses made of frosting on top?
I am grateful for my life and all the experiences I have had, the good and bad, happy and sorrowful... grateful is the emotion I feel

Now on to celebrate beginning with tonight where I will have a  party with some friends here at the house with Asian food from Lotus Thai.  Lunch tomorrow at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art with my Sozo art group and then... on Saturday... another dinner here at the house with 25 of our family. It ends up being like a family reunion because the Lees will be here from Virginia, David, Brenda and Evan here from SF and Ben came from Maui. So all of my boys will be home. happy happy happy. Al has been preparing the outside of the house for months...and me the inside. I can hardly wait to share our home and this moment in my life with good friends and family. 

One of the gifts I gave to myself was an art retreat. I actually made enough money from teaching and art sales to treat myself to a trip to Taos, New Mexico. I stayed at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house and experienced art everyday. Our teachers were Jane LaFazio, fiber artist and Pamela Underwood, Expressive Arts Therapist. The  group of  women attending were fabulous people from all over the U.S.  One of the most exciting things happened the last day of the retreat where I found out that my art from the Encaustic Art Institute was selected for the Albuquerque Airport and since I was flying out of that airport I got to see the exhibit with my new friends. what an absolute joy that was to share and to educate in such a spontaneous way. love it!!!   LET THE PARTIES BEGIN....