Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Continued progress..........

My mom is now home after 4 weeks in the hospital. She is recovering at home with all of us kids there to help her, altho she is incredibly strong and independent. I am in awe of her courage through weeks of abdominal pain. Her mind is as keen as ever and for that we are very grateful. Welcome home mom and prayers for your continued good health.  

Just received notice that I have been accepted for Spring 2014 show at San Diego Mission Trails Park Gallery. 
Whenever I can I go to my studio to work, lately doing rust printing and flower pounding ( hapa-zome, literally leaf dying in Japanese) to use as background for my encaustic work. I also began working on more 3D  wax work which I love to do.  Looking forward to the next few months filled with many exciting events:
trip with long time friends, Karen and Sharon to San Francisco; Encaustic conference for 5 days in Santa Fe New Mexico; and finally "Liquid Amber" solo encaustic show at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in November.