Sunday, July 20, 2014

Trip to Oregon Summer 2014

Road trip to Ashland Oregon to teach a two-day encaustic workshop at Ashland Art Center was quite an adventure. Our car was packed with art supplies and equipment, suitcases, snacks, books to read and a blanket to knit.  
      We met our son David, his wife Brenda and grandson Evan in Pacifica, Ca and enjoyed a full day of fun together. Highway 1 along the  California coast was beautiful but the steep hills created a transmission problem with our VW Van and that was pretty stressful for awhile. Not sure whether we would make it to teach my class or not. But the problem resolved itself and all was well. 
      While in Ashland we saw the play Richard III at the Elizabethan Theatre in Ashland which was fabulous, made new friends, and  stayed with and visited good friends in Phoenix and Canyonville. Even though the weather was in the high 90's and sometimes 100 degrees there were many moments of good food, wine and conversation. 
       My class was successful and great fun with enthusiastic and very creative students. A wonderful experience and one that I would like to do again, sometime, someplace! 

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