Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Here it is March 31 already and haven't been able to keep up with this blog business. At the present time and what is most important is that Gabe and Cristie are about ready to deliver their first child any day now. Everyone excited and praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby boy.

David and Brenda brought new life into the world January 26...a beautiful little girl named after her great grandmother  Vivian Baylee Rodriguez. Our grandson Evan is a sweetheart and loves his little sister.

David was promoted to Detective where he works and Ben was hired at Stanford University as a chef in one of the on campus restaurants. He is living with David and Brenda and getting accustomed to the commuter way of life in the Bay area.

Al and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in June 2015 so everything we do from now on is sort of a celebration. We visited La Paz and Todos Santos in January and had a great time. We are going to Scandinavia in July.

My mom celebrated her 96th birthday with the family. She continues to amaze us with her clear mind and fun attitude...even though her knees are in constant pain. I am grateful each day for her.
Teaching classes and giving encaustic demonstrations has taken up a lot of my time although I have made a few pieces of art that I really like. I have a new venue called Art on 30th. If in the San Diego area check it out. Wonderful place with terrific natural light. They teach classes and have many studios available. I hope to teach encaustic there in the future.

Some of my art work is still at Chula Vista Nature Center and Front Porch Gallery.  I am waiting for word for a possible opportunity coming up that I would love to do. Keeping my fingers crossed.  I am doing a bit of encaustic demonstration for R&F Paints...my first one at Art Stash in La Mesa. Great fun. I look forward to giving a demonstration and two encaustic classes at Lux Art Institute in April.
Here are a few photos of what I am talking about and some newer art work.

 Todos Santos
 Five days old
 David and Vivian
 Evan age 3
 Gabe and Cristie baby shower at Casa Rodriguez

 Daughters-in-Law Brenda (pre Vivian)  and Cristie
 Evan and Vivian
My mom xxxx