Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Josie is an insightful, patient and talented artist, mentor, teacher and coach.  There is no one else in San Diego I could recommend more for encaustic instruction and workshops!  I thorough enjoyed my private classes with Josie the way she so warmly and generously shares her studio, space and materials.  I am looking forward to my next opportunity to plug in to a workshop or just spend a relaxing afternoon in her backyard studio.  Josie is simply a delight.

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    The other day when I mentioned to an artist friend of mine that I was heading over to Josie Rodriguez's studio, my friend's eyes grew wide, "THE Josie Rodriguez? The famous encaustic artist?" That response shouldn't have been unexpected. After all, Josie's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the country. Yet with all her accomplishments, she's remained down-to-earth -- warm and real and fun. And as a teacher, her creative talents are rivaled only by her ability to help her students to believe in their own.
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    I absolutely loved going Josie's studio for Encaustic training.  I had been wanting to learn this art form for over 10 years and I was so excited to be able to learn from a professional like Josie!  She is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful artist. I have been able to implement many of the techniques she taught me into my own work with great success.  Her studio space is bright and inspiring.  I would highly recommend Josie's classes!  I have actaully been wanting to go back for more training myself!
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    Josie is a wonderful teacher and artist.  I truly enjoyed her class!  Her classroom instructions were easy to duplicate at home and I am continually learning new techniques.  I highly recommend her class to anyone wanting to tap into their creative self.  Oh, and you don't need to be an actual artist (I can't even draw stick figures).