Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Long Over-Do Update

I see the blog as a sort of diary or journal of my life and what is happening in it. And like writing in a journal, life takes over and I don't keep up with my writing. Sharing with you all is another way to revisit and remember.

Looking back I can see that I posted "sold" on one of my pieces from the Hayward Shoreline solo show. I actually sold three and for that I am grateful and happy. Al and I drove up to Hayward in another downpour and de-installed my 40+ pieces if art and drove home. We saw friends in San Luis Obispo, stayed in Santa Barbara and enjoyed new friends in Hayward.

One thing I always think of as I take down my work from a show is "now what?" I try not to be too anxious or obsessive. I am trying to go with the flow and let things happen as they should.
On the way home I received three very exciting emails...all taking me in a different direction. I was reminded again of the value of being present and waiting.
Three different people contacted me within a few days of each other interested in my doing commissions for them. I have done commissions before and have learned a great deal about the do's and don'ts of commissions.

I just completed three 24x30 inch encaustic triptych panels for a couple who wanted my artwork in their home. We discussed many times colors, textures, sizes based on their color scheme and preferences.   I used encaustic  medium, paint and pigment sticks. I enjoyed the entire process and clients are happy!  Now I am off to Mexico City and Puebla. More inspiration awaits!

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